Recruiter Accredited Company

Market Research Society (MRS) & Register of Accredited Recruiter 

Face Facts Research is proud to have achieved the Register of Accredited Recruiters (RAS) accreditation in recognition of our work in external recruitment. 

Our expert market research team offers some serious industry experience and provides the full range of market research recruitment services. 

Utilising our UK wide network of Market Research Society (MRS) accredited, loyal and trusted recruiters our clients know they are in safe hands when it comes to qualitative research and participant recruitment.

Award-winning Experience & National Reach

The Face Facts Research recruiter network team have years of experience and have spent many decades offering recruitment services to clients – so wherever your focus groups/depths, or online communities are, we can be relied upon to find the right respondents for your project.

Recruiting participants is our super power! Clients return to us not only for our qualitative research methods and research studies, but for our recruitment process and successful recruitment outcomes. 

We are known for our ability to recruit high quality participants so if your qualitative study needs recruitment support Face Facts Research is the market research partner for you.

Sector Specialism 

Our market research pro’s have worked across most sectors and are able to find even the hardest to reach respondents. As an agency we pride ourselves on keeping clients updated on progress, thinking laterally and logically and always doing our best to find potential participants no matter how hard they are to find! 

Face Facts Research offers an in-house respondent quality control system to ensure studies don’t include repeat attendees.

Services to Meet Your Needs

Whatever your project requires from Focus Group Discussions to Workshops and Accompanied Shopping Trips (ASTs), to Depth Interviews, Family Visits/Immersions, Triads or Online Groups and Online Communities, we can recruit for any research need you may have.

Our expert team of qualitative researchers use up to the minute research methodology and recruitment strategies to support your desired data collection method. 

We love a good research project, which is why our team gets 100% involved from the brief through to the analysis and reporting. We challenge clients to ensure every project offers the optimal solution and tailor our services to offer customisable options. We understand there is no one size fits all so our services are as unique as our clients.

Effortless Project Communication

At Face Facts Research we communicate at every step – we brief recruiters, prepare & provide all paperwork, liaise regularly with the recruiter team for updates on recruitment, prepare respondent profiles and quality check (pre-check) participants to ensure that they meet the project criteria. Our team delivers consistently high levels of customer service and this is largely due to our effortless communication and transparency. 

Quality and security really matters to us so all finalised quality checked profiles are shared with our clients using our Secure File Transfer in line with UK GDPR and Data Protection Act regulations. 

As an ISO27001 accredited company data security is paramount.


What is qualitative recruitment?

Qualitative recruitment in market research is the strategy and method used to recruit participants to qualitative studies. It involves identifying and attracting a potential participant or group of participants to take part in a study. Specialist qualitative recruitment experts offer services to attract, recruit and manage participants.

How do you recruit qualitative research?

Specialist recruiters target different people to reach different audiences for different studies. They will perform screening activities to make sure they recruit people in a reliable and unbiased way. Incentivising people by offering incentives, samples, payments or vouchers are methods sometimes adopted to recruit participants. Incentives help to encourage uptake and can help to sustain involvement for a long period or repeated studies. 

What is qualitative strategy?

Research strategy uses the knowledge gained from research to gain an edge over competitors or in a particular market. Adopting a qualitative strategy involves a focus on observation, in-depth interviews, and focus groups to inform your market approach and research methods.

What is recruitment in research study?

Recruitment in research involves identifying eligible participants, adequately explaining the study to potential participants, recruiting a participant sample based on the study goals and its design, obtaining informed consent and maintaining ethical standards, and retaining participants until the study is complete. All conducted in line with GDPR guidelines The best way to recruit participants for a research study is to use the expertise of a specialist agency.