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• Qualitative recruitment (RAS accredited external company)
• Face-to-face interviewing (street, in-store, store, exits, point of sale, door to door, event)
• Online (panel or client sample)
• Product placements (home user trials)
• Central location test (halls)


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Award-winning market research services

With more than 25 years experience in market research the owners of Face Facts Research run an expert market research fieldwork agency. There is nothing we can’t overcome for our clients and we always go the extra mile to get research done.

As an award-winning qualitative and quantitative market research agency our team of research experts work across all aspects of fieldwork providing every kind of qualitative and quantitative data collection and research methodologies. We have the in-house capabilities to output data in all formats to deliver the insights clients need to make informed decisions. 

Offering a full range of market research services, the Face Facts research experts are able to oversee research fieldwork projects end-to-end, deploying the best market research solutions for your brand or project. We understand market research needs and have a vested interest in market trends, brand perception, forecasting and insights to inform our market research service offering.

Working alongside UK clients and big brand companies, we support all aspects of market research fieldwork from concept to execution, always taking projects to the next level whilst delivering exceptional customer service.

The Face Facts Research team boasts a team of industry experts able to provide sector experience, focus and intel to find clients ideal market research fieldwork solutions. 

Our team of research experts manage market research services within the marketplace using Face to Face Interviewing alongside Online Surveys and Qualitative Recruitment services. As an experienced market research agency we also run Hall and Central Location Tests, In Home Product Testing and Exit Interviews/Intercepts enabling clients to gain valuable consumer insights, reach new customers and gain competitive advantage.

We’re experts in scripting and producing data outputs in all formats to enable clients to glean useful information and valuable business intelligence. We’ve got the skills to bring you the insights so you can make informed decisions for your clients or your brand.

Face Facts Research focuses on delivering market research results, seamlessly every time. We’re great at that, which is why our clients come back to us time and time again.

What are market research fieldwork services?

Market research fieldwork agencies facilitate the data collection stage of a research project be this recruitment of the correct people for qualitative in-depth interviews or quantitatively gathering the opinions of large numbers of respondents, either online or face-to-face, who answer the same scripted questions.  Businesses including big name brands and blue chip companies utilise the expertise provided by market research fieldwork agencies to gain competitive knowledge, obtain relevant market research insights, get a general understanding of their market or to learn more about market share, brand perceptions and consumer behaviours/preferences. Market research fieldwork agencies typically offer capabilities to collect research insights on behalf of an agency or business. They offer research expertise, including qualitative and quantitative research services to provide their clients with research data and information that can be leveraged to gain competitive advantage.

Your business or brand may require specialist skills and knowledge to gain accurate insights. Specialist market research fieldwork agencies can assist you with testing an idea or development option, or help you to confirm that your existing strategy, product or services are working. Providing an exhaustive array of research services, market researchers are well placed to offer their expertise and research know-how to connect brands with consumers using appropriate methods.

What is the first step in the marketing research process?

The first step in any marketing research process or study is to define the problem. It is important to take into account the purpose of the study, any relevant background information, what information, data and insight is needed, and how will the results be used? Defining the problem is critical to finding the best research solution and understanding how the results will inform future decision making and business objectives is fundamental. 

In its simplest form the marketing research process involves six steps: problem definition, developing an approach and solution to the problem, research design formulation, research execution and data collection, data preparation and analysis and finally presenting the results usually via a report.

What is the importance of market research?

Market research can identify how customers and potential customers might view your business or your products and services and identify any gaps in customer perceptions or expectations. Market research is powerful information for any business to have and it is good practice to include market research within your marketing strategy. Having good market intelligence helps to minimise risks when making key business decisions and keeps an eye on your competitors and the marketplace you operate in. Market research is informed intelligence and used properly it can give you a real business advantage.

How do you conduct market research?

Market research can be conducted many different ways. The best way to conduct market research is to engage with research experts via a specialist market research agency. Market researchers are experts in their field and they can deliver a whole range of market research services that could be difficult and costly to perform in-house. To conduct effective market research you first need to determine the purpose of your research, identify your target customers and your key competitor(s), gather and review any useful data or background information, conduct your research (in-person, face-to-face, online, hall test etc.) and then analyse your findings and put your analysis into action.

What is an example of market research?

Common types of market research techniques include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation. Market research can take place face-to-face, online, or via a survey/questionnaire, it can also include sample testing (tasting or using), hall/location tests and more. Market research generally observes or asks people questions about a business, product or brand to record the findings, capture the data and report back the analysis to inform business decisions – including things like product colours, ingredients, pricing, or store locations, opening times and services. Research could take exploratory, descriptive or casual forms, as well as primary and secondary research techniques and is likely to include qualitative and/or quantitative research methodologies and different data gathering approaches.