in-home product tests/huts

‘Natural Environment’ Product Testing

At Face Facts Research we absolutely love natural environment and in-home product tests. As experts in market research our agency offers home product test services and product testing site options. 

We have years of experience in consumer product testing and can support clients with a range of natural environment testing options to support market research projects. 

Whether it be for agencies or direct with a company our HUTs services can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.

At Face Fact Research our team of market research experts are au fait with all aspects of in-home product testing and we offer comprehensive services to inform new and juvenile products, testing items, reviewing established brands and more!

In-home product testing is a great market research method for a huge range of products from cosmetics, food items and textile goods to electronics, home improvement tools, health related products and beauty products. Using samples in responders’ own homes or your desired product testing sites, we can offer tailor made solutions that deliver quality assurance.

Happy clients return to Face Facts Research time and time again, safe in the knowledge we are one of the best product testing companies and that we will always go the extra mile to achieve project outcomes.

So, when respondents need to be able to trial a product in a natural environment for example, cleaning or consuming food as they normally would, then an in-home test is ideal. As leading market research specialists we are experienced in every type of data collection during an in-home and natural environment test from feedback via an app, to diaries and online surveys to self completion or interviewer administered methods we design the right fit to meet our clients objectives. 

Safety & Compliance 

Our robust processes ensure tests are compliant giving customers and responders total peace of mind.

If you are unsure about consumer product testing regulations, Face Facts Research is the ideal market research partner with the knowledge and experience to ensure your products are safe and compliant for UK and worldwide marketplaces.

Our in-house market research experts are skilled in designing and conducting in-home product testing locally and nationally to provide actual user feedback to evaluate your products, packaging, related product instructions and more. 

Our market testing services make it easy to find and engage your target audience, gather their honest feedback and shape new consumer products. We can fulfill your sample needs in the UK with trusted, engaged responders.

In the Moment Accurate Feedback

A key benefit of in-home placements is the ability to gain ‘in the moment’ real-time feedback on product trials. The use of paper diaries and apps, etc. enables respondents to record feedback and opinions during and just after product use rather than asking them to recall opinions and the intricacies of the product, or its application/consumption that often fade into insignificance after time.

Control | Engagement

Clients may be wary about in-home product tests because of the lack of control and the fact that you send the products out and then don’t always know if the respondents are conducting the test as requested. Face Facts Research has solutions to counteract these concerns – over the years we’ve developed a number of tricks to counteract the potential ‘black hole’ to maintain engagement levels as much as possible. To learn more about our secret solutions, simply send us your brief!

Experience & Scaling 

The beauty of using Face Facts Research for in-home placements as part of your market research mix  is that we scale projects to any size. We provide clients with a full team of experienced pro’s that we trust to get the job done well. 

Any scale, anywhere – expect smooth in-home testing services from start to finish. 


What is an in-home use test?

An in-home use test (IHUT) or extended use/product placement test is a study conducted to evaluate the use and performance of a product in a setting more consistent with how the product might normally be used by consumers, i.e., in the home.

What are the advantages of in-home product testing?

In contrast to hall-tests and other market research methods, in-home product testing makes it possible to conduct research on personal care products and children’s products in the privacy of someone’s home and in the products natural environment.

The opinion and perceptions of the whole family can be captured which is helpful if the product is aimed at the family market.

Why is product testing important?

Product testing can prove that products are safe for household use, identify any usage/application issues or benefits, review flavours, odours, durations etc, discover usage preferences or spot any defects/improvement that require review before the product is available for sale.