Exit Interviews | In-Store Intercepts

Face Facts Research offers years of expertise in conducting and managing market research exit interview projects and in-store intercepts or exit surveys. By working with our team of seasoned research pro’s clients can obtain feedback from customers in the place where they are buying/using your products.

Use Face Facts exit interview and intercept services to understand customer buying behaviours. Our expert researchers conduct exit interviews when your prospective customers are either in the process of making purchases, or they have made their purchases and are exiting the store/location using professional interview methods to gather quantitative and qualitative data in real-time.

Our exit interviews can be conducted in retail stores, restaurants, leisure venues, onsite or in business locations where people are actually buying or using your products or services or have just bought or used them. The Face Facts Team of research experts are able to strategically mobilise to capture feedback at opportune moments before customers leave your site. 

Exit and intercept surveys are popular with retail clients because definitive exit survey questions can be asked in a timely manner. Face Facts Research agency helps clients to use exit interviews to measure experience and satisfaction levels alongside questions about your company, brand and products. 

We can tailor exit surveys and intercepts to find out what people are buying and why, but also what they are not buying and why?

If you need qualified customer feedback, opinions and user input, Face Facts Research agency is an ideal research partner. We bring decades of fieldwork experience to every project and our loyal, trusted network of fieldwork researchers and interviewers are second to none. We also boast RAS Recruiter Accreditation for our external recruitment work.

Face Facts Research boasts a large and growing network of professional field workers that can be strategically deployed to deliver quality projects. 

Our research experts are comfortable to challenge briefs to ensure Face Facts Research offers the right solution for your project. We design, create and test exit survey questions, working either from scratch, using a template, or from a strategy to deliver customisable options that perfectly address your needs. We get research done.


What are the advantages of conducting exit surveys?

Exit surveys deliver a direct physical/store experience and real-time feedback. Surveying customers just as they exit means that all the experiences they have had at your store or business are fresh in their mind. Exit surveys enable people to share store or ‘in aisle’ experiences at the most opportune time and often they provide honest, valuable feedback to inform your business/products and services.

How do exit interviews overcome recall bias?

Often market research projects ask consumers to recall past behaviours and the accuracy of this information can be uncertain and varied. Exit interviews avoid that potential recall bias and ensure that behaviours can be accurately reported in the moment.

Why are exit surveys popular in retail?

Exit surveys or intercept surveys are popular with retail stores because definitive exit survey questions can be asked. Retailers can ask customers questions about the store experience, customer satisfaction levels, products and ranges, and pricing.

How long can an exit/in-store intercept last?

Exit interviews and in-store intercepts are rarely pre-recruited and as such tend to be completed in around 10 to 15 minutes or less. Shorter interviews are recommended to ensure high numbers of respondents are willing to take part. More thorough in-store interviews can be pre-recruited and if this is the case then they can sometimes last up to an hour in length (e.g. when undertaking an accompanied shop).  

Do you have to incentivise an exit interview/in-store intercept? 

These types of interviews are rarely incentivised with consumers simply asked if they are willing to take part to offer feedback and/or to suggest improvements. 

 Do market researchers set quotas for exit interviews?

As exit interviews and in-store interviews are only able to ‘target’ the customers in the store, market researchers rarely set quotas on who can be interviewed, there may be some broad age and gender quotas so interviewers can target appropriately, but if there are any specific quotas required on a project then an exit or intercept may not be appropriate, or the locations used will need to be carefully considered.