Hall tests | Central Location tests

Hall Test Experts

With almost thirty years experience our team of market research pro’s can well and truly call Face Facts Research agency the hall test experts! 

The beauty of hall tests and central location tests is that you can test a respondent’s reaction to stimulus or products in a neutral ’controlled’ environment. 

Whatever you want to test, be it a new concept, product, food or drink and irrespective of whether you need to speak to the mass market or a needle in a haystack we have the experience and track, record and run your test(s) effectively.  

Using our vast experience, Face Facts Research has carved out a niche in the UK as a reliable, quality market research agency and provider of large scale product testing via central location tests (CLTs). Our clients and interviewers love us for it and their feedback and return custom is testament to our expertise.

Unlike other research methods, hall tests and CLTs offer much more opportunity to reach your target audience, capitalising on site locations, usually in high footfall locations to test reactions, ask questions about key benefits and understand more about how products/services are received by participants. CLTs put your business in front of a large number of people to invite respondents to participate in market research when they are on-site to gain useful insights and inform product development and business decisions.


When it comes to hall test market research methods Face Facts Research can provide personal interviews where the interviewer inputs data on paper using the traditional pen-and-paper personal interview (PAPI), directly on to a computer via computer aided personal interview (CAPI), or through a web link – computer assisted web interview (CAWI). In certain scenarios we invite respondents to enter their own responses into a user friendly script we have set up on our suite of iPads.

Logistics and Event Planning 

Running a large scale hall test is just like planning a big event – we closely research requirements and consider what each location needs, from fridges, microwaves or kettles down to hair nets, aprons and tablecloths! Our expertise means we know whether a room needs to be screened off, how many stations are required, and if Wi-Fi is needed. Face Facts Research meticulously plans and organises every detail – thinking through and planning all of the site needs, risks and compliance controls. Effective logistical planning is at the heart of each of our successful hall test projects.

Target Recruitment

Hall tests are not a cheap market research solution to run and therefore it is essential that the through flow of respondents each day is high enough to maximise the number of interviews that can be achieved each day. With this in mind Face Facts Research thinks carefully about the recruitment method that will work best for each individual project, be it pre-recruitment, off street recruitment or even a mix of the two! Our expertise in the marketplace enables us to deliver optimal results for every project.

Reliable Technology

Face Facts Research boasts computer aided personal interview (CAPI) kit in-house, and when possible we use tablets as they have the benefit of being able to work offline so never fall foul of the Wi-Fi dropping out! However, we also have access to reliable Wi-Fi enabled venues, or we can send out our mobile data hubs to act as a backup, or a boost for when our clients want to use laptops. We are also always happy to use trusted paper-and-pen (PAPI) as a data collection method.


What are Hall tests?

​Central Location Tests or Interviewing is often referred to as Hall Tests. A Hall Test is where research participants are invited to a central location to participate in market research – usually quantitative in nature. 

What is product use testing?

Product Testing is also referred to as consumer testing or comparative testing and involves the process of measuring the properties or performance of a product. Product testing is a process where a researcher measures a product’s performance, safety, quality, or compliance with established standards. Product testing can take place in a central location or alternatively we can deliver the products to pre-recruited respondents for them to conduct the test at home. 

How choose between in location or in-home Product testing

The benefit of conducting a product test in a central location is that it can be totally controlled in terms of how the product is served and the amount tested etc. so ‘identical’ comparisons can be made. Whereas the benefit of in-home testing is that the product can be assessed in real life situations and as an accompaniment if that’s the way the product would be used; it also facilitates gaining other people in the households opinions.