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As an expert market research services agency Face Facts have all your online research bases covered! 

Face Facts Research are specialists in online market research and online surveys. Our team has over 100 collective years experience in market research, so when it comes to conducting online market research we have the know-how to provide clients with ideal solutions.

Capitalising on the digital age, Face Facts uses online market research to help companies reach out to their target customers to understand sentiments in a simple and fast process. Our online market research uses up to the minute quantitative data collection processes carried out online to reach your desired target market.  

Online market research effectively uses internet surveys to offer a fast and easy way to conduct targeted market research to provide clients with information that can inform product, service or audience decision making. 

Face Facts Research uses online surveys to collect insights throughout the product or market lifecycle delivering results that help brands to stay ahead of their competitors, and help to identify strengths and find any weaknesses. As a research method online surveys enable clients to reach existing customers and potential customers to gain competitive advantage.

We deliver fully customised, bespoke online surveys to complement your market research activities and other traditional market research methods. 

Whatever your online questionnaire length, content or language, our research survey experts can script, design and test your online survey. Our online researchers are not afraid to challenge a brief to gain a better understanding of your business objectives to gather information, inform research questions and oversee the whole process. 

From a technical point of view, Face Facts uses the latest online research capabilities to inform online questionnaires, data collection and the functionality of online scripts. In terms of functionality our experts will review your survey and create a design that makes use of single and multiple choice questions, drag and drop or ranking options, sliders and image selection. Our research surveys also use grid layouts and implicit reaction testing (IRT) to seek customer feedback, undertake product research and gather data. We can also include ‘chatbot’ style questioning and allow respondents to insert a GIF rather than a standard response. Both of these functions aim to maximise the customer user experience and to gain responses that are more closely aligned to how customers generally communicate rather than taking them into a more ‘formal’ research environment.   

One of the many benefits of our online survey product features is the ability to automatically detect the device that respondents are using (PC, tablet, mobile phone) and render the screens accordingly, resulting in optimum response rates. 

If you need something bespoke, we can work with your brief to create a fully customised online survey using custom templates.

Online Survey Functions:

  • Single Choice / Multiple Choice
  • Image Select
  • Price Point Testing
  • Drag & Drop
  • Grid Layouts
  • Ranking
  • Sliders
  • IRT (Implicit Reaction Testing)
  • Chatbot Styling
  • Gif insertion 



What is online market research?

The internet has provided an online platform for market research. Online research typically covers quantitative research which is most easily carried out via a web survey to collect data. Companies use online research to ask new or potential customers to complete a survey with respondents replying to a web based questionnaire – normally provided via an email link or unique web page.

How do you do online market research?

There are several ways to carry out online research. Quantitative research can be carried out via online questionnaires and web-based activities. Online questionnaires and online polls are some of the most popular online research tools. Small businesses can gauge public opinion through online surveys, but the best way to conduct online market research is to partner with a market research agency where you can utilise their sector expertise effectively.

What are the four types of market research?

Market research is often split into four types – primary, secondary, qualitative and quantitative research. Other types of research include surveys, interviews, focus groups, and customer observation. The type of research you choose to use will depend on your business objectives, alongside the time and budget you have available. To get the best results you should work with a market research specialist via an agency – using their expertise to find the best solution and deliver results on time and to budget.

What are the benefits of online market research?

Online research offers businesses numerous benefits including the ability to understand target customers, to review your product or service strategy, to understand customer behavior and why customers buy your product or services alongside influencing factors and buying patterns. You can also use market research findings to competitive advantage and to explore revenue opportunities. Online research can help companies to make their products and services more relevant to new and existing customers.


Single Choice / Multiple Choice

Image Select

Price Point Testing

Drag & Drop

Grid Layouts



IRT (Implicit Reaction Testing)

Video / Audio

Open End inc Validation

Max Diff



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