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Face Facts Receives 5* Client Reviews for Market Research Projects

The team at Face Facts Research has been given a boost after receiving glowing reviews across a range of recent market research projects.

Having supported clients involved in online projects, face-to-face research and qualitative recruitment, as each project came to an end the agency received five star reviews across the board.

Read the client reviews to see how our team goes above and beyond to delight each client and to secure the desired project results.

Online projects: 

Catherine Elms, Research Director, ONE MS said…

I’m super impressed and would definitely recommend you!”

…“I just wanted to say how impressed I was regarding the accuracy of the script, as it was a
complicated one.  There was a lot of text insertion and options depending on previous responses, and
it all read and worked really well (also owing to the corrective tweaks your team were clearly making
vs the questionnaire too!).”

Danielle Todd, Head of Client Strategy (Relish Research) said…

 “You were very much partners in getting the best version of the survey into the field.”

“I am impressed with how the survey looked – it’s very easy and intuitive to go through.

By suggesting tweaks or correcting my typos, your support is greatly appreciated and the extra layer of partnership
and collaboration is great, so thank you.

Our recent experience of working with you tipped an additional complex and high profile project in your favour. Looking forward to working together again!”

Qualitative Recruitment:

Frances Revel, Head of Quant, Researchbods

“Last night’s participant was excellent.”

“You supplied another particularly eloquent and effusive character so we achieved some really great results.

Thank you SO much for all of your support on this project, especially given some of the
last minute switches. We really appreciate it. It’s made a difficult week a lot easier – thanks.”


Our client said…

Thank you so much for everything and for making the project run smoothly and successfully. It was a pleasure working with you.”

…“We plan to conduct a similar but bigger study that is a bit more complex in routing and in managing the sample. We’re hoping to brief you about the project soon! In the meantime, many many thanks for making the last project happen.”

To learn more about the market research services we offer see our services page here.

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