Case Study – Multimode

The Challenge

Our client was helping a water provider gather feedback on their newly designed business vision for 2050.

The Solution

It was imperative to the end client that the needs of everyone could be considered and so to ensure we could gather responses from a diverse population a blended approach was required. We therefore scripted an online study that could be accessed and completed via a number of routes:

•       Online by consumer audiences via a panel provider

•       Online By consumer and business audiences utilising customer lists

•       On iPads in a hall test environment

These were set up in 6 locations throughout the region and encouraged respondents to come in off the street and complete the survey.  For this stage we focused on targeted individuals that were not represented online. As the typical “offline” respondents tend to be vulnerable, elderly or unemployed we needed to approach each CLT with sensitivity using experienced interviewing teams that were able to assist with individual needs.

A total of 1,100 respondents took part in the study over a 2 week period.

The Outcome

Our client was able to quantify what is important to their customers, helping them to shape their business vision further.