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UX Testing Capabilities Go From Strength to Strength

As a growing market research agency we are continuing to pave the way towards becoming a leader in User Experience (UX) testing. 

Having recently expanded our research team, we have secured a number of exciting UX testing projects. 

Responsible for the qualitative recruitment for projects across a range of sectors – including briefs from well-known high street brands. We oversee recruiting respondents for each end client to ensure the UX testing is as effective as possible. 

One of only twelve companies in the UK to receive external accreditation from the Market Research Society, Face Facts Research is the only Yorkshire-based agency to achieve the Recruiter Accreditation Scheme (RAS) in recognition of our agency’s knowledge, skills and competence in professional recruitment within the research environment. This accreditation supports our team’s ability to recruit reliable respondents for blue-chip clients.

UX testing results are used to inform product research and development across a range of consumer products. As a sector, market researchers believe that fast, reliable and scalable user research offers companies valuable insights that can be used to improve customer experience, which in turn offers competitive advantages.

Talking about our UX approach Johanna Jones, Director said:

“User experience research provides a systematic study of target users which adds realistic context and insights to inform design and development processes. UX research is seen as a critical part of both the experience and design process. Our team is able to deliver quality respondents using our robust and well-established recruiter network.”

Recent Face Fact Research projects have included testing music and food apps as well as financial website testing. Supporting early phase product development alongside existing user and non-user testing.

Having recruited respondents to test a music app we managed a 5-day online community evaluation project with people using the new product for 15-20 mins per day and logging their user experience. The project is currently paused while the findings are used to further develop the app, once updates have been made the community will be reconvened for follow-up testing via video calls in the near future.

Alongside the music app project we also recruited existing users and non-users to test and evaluate several aspects of a food app. Testing was followed up with thirty-minute in-depth interviews using zoom to inform application development prior to consumer rollout.

A series of remote depth interviews have also been carried out to test a financial services website. The project supports a client that is developing a new digital service to help people plan their retirement. The research evaluated a prototype site and asked respondents to explore the website in detail.

As a qualitative and quantitative market research fieldwork agency we provide data collection and research methodologies. Experts in scripting and producing data outputs in all formats we have the skills to deliver research expertise, end-to-end project management and insights to support informed decisions for clients and brands, large and small.

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