Unlocking the Power of Data Quality: Elevate Your Market Insights

The foundations of Market Research are built on high-quality data underpinning the pillars of informed decision-making and actionable insights.

At Face Facts Research we strive to continuously improve the data sent to clients and are committed to delivering accurate and valuable information.

On an ongoing basis we observe the techniques used by fraudulent respondents and respond by consistently refining and enhancing our fraud detection methods. This enables us to eliminate fraudulent responses ensuring we are delivering the highest quality data on every project.

Below we detail how we ensure the quality of all research data. As standard our online surveys include a number of processes at each stage of the respondent journey.

Before entering the survey

  • Image Recognition: Every respondent will go through a visual image recognition task – requiring them to select certain image from a battery of randomly generated images.
  • reCAPTCHA: Respondents will need to pass a reCAPTCHA verification question.
  • Audio Check: If you have audio included in your survey e.g. a video, respondents will need to pass an audio check for example ‘what can you hear; a dog barking, a horn beeping’ etc.

During the survey

  • Attention/Engagement Checks: Respondents will be asked at least one random quality check question e.g. select the word ‘survey’ / if today is Monday what day was it yesterday?
  • Open Ended Quality Check: All open-ended questions include a function which allows us to identify responses which have been copy and pasted.
  • Location Blocking: for example for UK based surveys we can apply a function which blocks respondents entering from outside the UK.

During/After fieldwork

  • Regular Quality Checks: Throughout fieldwork we perform regular checks on the data and remove speeders and flatliners alongside multiple manual checks of verbatim quality.
  • Final Data Cleaning and Outlier Detection: After data collection we thoroughly review and clean the collected data. Identifying and removing any outliers or suspicious patterns that indicate low-quality data.

The above processes eliminate bot responses and ensures that the data only includes respondents who are actively engaged in the study. At Face Facts Research, our mission is to be a trusted fieldwork partner supporting our clients’ success.

By being a safe pair of hands, delivering high-quality data and actionable insights, we enable our clients to focus on what they do best: providing high-quality research and strategic insights to help their clients make better business decisions.

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