Scripting Success: How Precision in Market Research Design Amplifies Your Data's Story

Scripting Success: How Precision in Market Research Design Amplifies Your Data’s Story

As an award-winning qualitative and quantitative market research agency our team of research experts work across all aspects of fieldwork providing every kind of qualitative and quantitative data collection and research methodologies. At the core of all our services is scripting and this is one of our most ‘praised’ offerings, here are a couple of our favourite testimonials from clients;

Client Testimonials: Precision Meets Praise 

I just wanted to say how impressed I was regarding the accuracy of the script, as it was a complicated one. There was a lot of text insertion and options depending on previous responses, and it all read and worked really well (also owing to the corrective tweaks your team were clearly making vs the questionnaire tool!). I’m super impressed and would definitely recommend you”

 “I am impressed with how the survey looked – it’s very easy and intuitive to go through. By suggesting tweaks or correcting my typos, your support is greatly appreciated and the extra layer of partnership and collaboration is great, so thank you. You were very much partners in getting the best version of the survey into the field and our recent experience of working with you tipped an additional complex and high profile project in your favour. Looking forward to working together again”


We deliver fully customised, bespoke surveys to gather the information needed by our clients via a variety of methodologies including;


Methodologies Unpacked: From Face-to-Face to Digital Deep Dives 

  • Pre qualification / expression of interest prior to recruitment for a qualitative interview. 
  • Face-to-Face research, either on street or in venue – interviewer administered or self-completion. Often conducted using our suite of tablets. 
  • Online completion at home either following a product test (iHUT), emailed to customers from lists or using panel sample.

Whatever your questionnaire length, content or language, our research survey experts can script, design and test your survey. Our team oversees the whole process and adds their suggestions to the supplied script to ensure our clients gather the required information to meet the project objectives. You will also be given a live reporting link for full visibility on fieldwork progression.


Scripting Mastery: Crafting Questions for Quality Insights

From a technical point of view our scripting experts will review your survey and create a design that makes use of single and multiple choice questions, drag and drop, ranking options, sliders and image selection. Our research surveys also use grid layouts and implicit reaction testing (IRT) to seek customer feedback, undertake product research and gather data.

We can also include ‘chatbot’ style questioning and allow respondents to insert a GIF rather than a standard response. Both of these functions aim to maximise the customer user experience and to gain responses that are more closely aligned to how customers generally communicate rather than taking them into a more ‘formal’ research environment.


Technical Innovation: Beyond Standard Scripting 

Below we have included a link to our scripting demo which shows you the techniques we offer that are a little different to the standard layouts (which of course we can, and do, use regularly as appropriate). So take a look and if you need something that’s bespoke / not included just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do (


Scripting Demo Link:


Demo Spotlight: Experience Our Scripting Artistry

Some of the techniques included in the demo have been developed in-house by our developer, he loves nothing more than rising to a challenge to enable us to offer something above and beyond what is feasible using the ‘standard’ research scripting software.

The most recent addition to our tool kit is the Maze game – initially designed to ensure that younger audiences are engaged, this can be redesigned to be used in a variety of data capture ways and for different audiences (we can even get rid of Facey who features in the demo if you so wish!).


Global Reach, Local Insight: International Online Surveys

As eluded to earlier we conduct online surveys internationally, we are lucky enough to work regularly with a number of panel providers and have yet to find a territory we can’t cover! We regularly conduct projects in 5-8 countries and are currently running a 28 territory project!


Seamless Integration: Face-to-Face International Collaboration

For Face-to-Face international projects, we work with our clients to script and host the multi-country surveys and conduct the UK fieldwork element. Our clients partner with appropriate international fieldwork agencies that use our survey link for completion. Not using local agencies to script and produce the data outputs ensures that there are no effects on data collection or outputs by differing agencies’ styles and that all results are collected/monitored in actually the same way and stored in the same place).


Qualitative Edge: Pre-Screening Surveys for Deeper Insights

In terms of the use of surveys in pre-screening for qualitative research, we find this approach really effective in allowing potential respondents to opt in rather than receiving a ‘cold call’. Where clients have specific segments they wish to recruit to, we can include the appropriate questions/algorithm at this stage, meaning recruiters are confident as to which segment potential respondents will fall into, facilitating effective targeting of the required participants.



Meet the Scripting Savants: Your Dedicated Design Team

So, if you need a script designed by experts (who you can talk to and liaise with directly as required), please get in touch, and we can assure you that working with us, you can expect friendly, proactive work delivered from a consistent scripting, design, and data output team.

You can give us a call 0113 397 9800 or email : as we would be delighted to hear from you.



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