Rule of Three

The “rule of three” typically refers to a principle that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently more memorable, satisfying and effective. So at Face Facts we focus on three key areas to ensure our clients research projects are in safe hands, run smoothly, cost effectively and most importantly delivery on quality.

Our three pillars are;

  • Advanced Multi Staged Respondent Quality Checks – We have recently added to our already stringent quality checks.  Our processes eliminate bot responses and ensure that the data you receive only includes respondents who are actively engaged in the study – keep a look out for more details on a future blog.  
  • Fantastic Scripting – We offer some nifty scripting techniques (alongside all the ‘normal’ layouts), the chat bot is a personal favourite of mine! 
  • Scan this QR code to see our demo 

  • Low CPI’s – We have recently on-boarded a number of panel partners and as such have extended our reach and lowered our cpis.  We’d love to be able to supply a quote and are sure you will find our costs competitive.

Couple all the above with the amazing Face Facts service and we can assure you that you’ll receive valuable insights in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Hopefully this is a winning formula to delight you and your end clients! Don’t just take our word for it, here are some happy client comments;

‘I was impressed with both how the survey looked – it’s very easy, and intuitive to go through – and how you were very much partners in getting the best version of the survey into field, such as suggesting tweaks or fixing where it should be a multi-code, etc if my instructions were wrong. I don’t expect you to have to pick up my errors (that’s my bad!), I’m saying that it’s much appreciated that extra layer of partnership and collaboration, so thank you.  Looking forward to working together again

‘I just wanted to say how impressed I was regarding the accuracy of the script (as it’s a long and complicated one, and the only few small changes we had were changes to the questionnaire itself).  There was so much text insertion depending on the concept and goal, and it all read and worked really well (also owing to the corrective tweaks your team were clearly making vs the questionnaire too!). I’m super impressed.  I’ve never found a scripting agency I’d recommend before – until now that is ?’

Let us know how you get on with our scripting demo as we’d love to hear from you.

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