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The Perfect Project Management Partnership

Face Facts Formula = Perfect Project Partnership

In July 2021 Face Facts Research, the specialist market research fieldwork agency in Leeds, appointed two new post holders to bolster the agency’s qualitative and quantitative services.

Julie Boreham and Amanda Baines joined the award-winning team as Project Managers to support Face Facts ambitious growth plans.

Joining the team during a time when the agency was on a rapid upwards trajectory, the talented duo brought a wealth of experience in managing fieldwork projects.

Having managed fieldwork projects since the early 2000’s the pair are no strangers to the market research industry and make a formidable team. Enjoying a well established working relationship the ladies complement each other’s strengths and deliver exceptional results.

Having previously worked with Face Facts Joint Owners – Julie Gaughan (Jules) and Rachel Hoy (Rach) at another company many years ago, the Project Managers were originally trained by Jules, so when an opportunity arose to expand the Field Team at Face Facts Research it was perfect timing for Julie and Amanda to reunite with their former colleagues by joining the agency.

Talking about their appointment Jules said: 

“During such an exciting time for Face Facts Research, we were thrilled to welcome Julie and Amanda to our growing research agency. They are a perfectly formed partnership and I knew they would fit in extremely well. It is great to bring the ‘old’ team back together after all this time and they have been such a positive addition to our core team.”

Julie and Amanda have enjoyed long careers in market research but were keen to face new challenges, so the roles at Face Facts came at just the right time.

Since joining Face Facts the duo have enjoyed working for the independent market research and fieldwork agency since day one. Benefiting from having project autonomy and working closely with clients, they oversee projects from beginning to end and enjoy the wide variety of projects.

Talking about their roles Amanda and Julie agree that every day is different, and that the agency is fast paced and very client focused. Enjoying consulting with clients directly, the ladies confirmed that they are able to oversee and manage all aspects of a project from the initial feasibility and quoting stage, through to recruitment and project management and delivering quality fieldwork. Able to manage demanding workloads and to respond to clients in a timely manner the full-time workers split office and remote working making the most of a hybrid model to service client needs effectively.

Amanda commented: 

“We feel really lucky to have landed roles together. We work so well together and know each other’s working styles and thought processes inside out. We support each other to deliver results for clients. I really enjoy working with clients directly and having the ability to work autonomously – but with support available whenever we need it.”

She goes on to say: 

“Face Facts Research has strong values, and everyone works really hard to do projects justice, going above and beyond to deliver a great service for clients. Quality is really important, and it feels like as an agency we prioritise the right things.”

Talking about her role, Julie said: 

“We certainly hit the ground running and the pace has only ever increased since day one! Our roles feel like they were meant to be, and we are enjoying the work, overseeing great projects, it’s real job satisfaction and we are able to offer clients our many years of experience. I love the project variety. One day we can be supporting projects for gym membership and banks and the next we are overseeing fieldwork for car maintenance, radio listeners and bingo players. It is so refreshing to work on lots of different projects and to build relationships with so many fabulous clients.”

Learn more about Face Facts Research Services here.

If you have a project brief and you need to talk to the qual and quant experts, our research team is available to talk through your needs or to supply a quote. Simply contact Face Facts Research via 0113 397 9800 or email:

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