Face Facts’ Ode to Fieldwork Excellence

In a bustling Leeds office, morning light unfurls,
Where research projects dance, like precious pearls,
A fieldwork agency, awake and alive,
Embarking on a journey, where data will thrive.

The office beckons, a hive of activity,
As teams collaborate, fuelled by productivity,
Surveys are designed and questions refined,
Data collection methods, all carefully aligned.

With clipboards in hand and tablets aglow,
Interviewers venture to streets where people flow,
Focus groups convened, opinions are shared,
A treasure trove of knowledge, lovingly prepared.

With each survey taken more responses safely stored,
Insights are gathered ready to be explored,
Scripting online surveys, quality checks robust,
Ensuring all data, is always supplied with trust.

With timelines to meet and tasks to align,
Face Facts work with their clients, a symphony divine,
Outlining the scope, with precision so clear,
Managing the fieldwork, eliminating all fear.

Deadlines and deliverables, a roadmap they trace,
Project managing the milestones, at a steady pace
Face Facts fieldwork agency, experience they share
Strong project management, they really do care

As the day draws to a close, the evening sets in,
But the fieldwork teams passion still burns within,
A world of market research fieldwork, it’s so much fun
Face Facts love nothing more, than getting research done!

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