Elevating Excellence: A Closer Look at the MRS Operations Awards

In the ever-evolving world of market research, excellence isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. It’s about setting standards, pushing boundaries, and continually striving for better. For a decade now, the MRS (Market Research Society) Operations Awards (Oppies) have been a beacon of recognition, celebrating those who not only meet but exceed these high standards in the insight sector.

Setting the Stage

The MRS is the UK professional body for research, insight and analytics. They have a range of prestigious awards, consisting of the Excellence Awards, Operations Awards, and MRS Awards. These play a vital role in spotlighting outstanding work within the insight sector. These awards are more than just accolades; they are a testament to the unwavering commitment of individuals, teams, and organisations to promote best practices.

The Pursuit of Excellence

At Face Facts Research, we understand the value of striving for excellence. It’s not merely about winning awards; it’s about ensuring that the industry’s ethical, commercial, and methodological practices are held to the highest standards.

Myth Busting: Awards are All About Recognition

Contrary to a common misconception, these awards are not solely about recognition. While they do celebrate achievements, they also serve a more profound purpose. They set a benchmark for what excellence should look like in market research, inspiring others to reach for the same heights.

The Role of the MRS

The MRS is at the helm of these awards. They champion the principles of research ethics, commercial acumen, and methodological rigour. MRS doesn’t just provide guidelines; they nurture an environment where research can flourish.

The Art of Raising Standards

Raising industry standards is a collective endeavour. It begins with organisations like Face Facts Research, committing to ethical and rigorous research practices. It extends to the MRS, which creates a framework for fair regulation, offering clear guidance and practical advice.

Myth Busting: Excellence is a Solo Act

Another common myth is that excellence is achieved through the efforts of a single entity. In reality, it’s a collaborative journey. The Oppies bring together professionals from diverse backgrounds, fostering an environment where ideas are exchanged, and best practices are shared

Continuous Improvement

One of the hallmarks of excellence is the commitment to continuous improvement. The MRS Operations Awards are a reflection of this commitment. They serve as a yearly check-in for the industry, encouraging self-reflection and growth.

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence

This year marks a significant milestone—the 10th anniversary of the Oppies. It’s not merely a celebration of past achievements but a forward-looking event that inspires the industry to aim higher.

Myth Busting: Awards are a One-Time Event

While the Oppies culminate in a grand event, their impact reverberates throughout the year. Winners and finalists serve as ambassadors for best practices, and their work continues to inspire others.

The Path Forward

As the Oppies mark a decade of excellence, it’s a moment for all in the insight sector to reflect on how far we’ve come and how much further we can go. It’s a reminder that the pursuit of excellence is a journey without a final destination. It’s about continually raising the bar, setting new standards, and inspiring others to do the same.

Join the Journey

So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career in market research, consider the Oppies not just as awards but as a source of inspiration. Join the journey of elevating excellence in the insight sector, and together, we can shape the future of market research.

Why Enter the MRS Operations Awards?

Participating in these prestigious awards offers several compelling benefits:

  • Enhance Your Reputation: An MRS Oppies award is more than just a trophy; it’s evidence of excellence in your field.
  • Reward Your Team: These awards are an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of your team members and colleagues.
  • Increase Your Profile: Winners receive substantial publicity through Research Live, the MRS website, and social media, boosting your visibility within the industry.
  • Network and Celebrate: Attend the glittering award ceremonies and connect with peers who share your passion for market research and insight.


The MRS Operations Awards, known as the Oppies, are more than just recognition; they are a driving force behind the pursuit of excellence in the insight sector. They set benchmarks, foster collaboration, and inspire continuous improvement. With the Market Research Society at the helm, these awards celebrate the highest ethical, commercial, and methodological practices in research.

As the Oppies mark their 10th anniversary, they remind us that excellence is not a one-time achievement but a continuous journey. Join this journey, and let’s elevate the standards of market research together. Take a look at the awards and be inspired – click here.

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