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5 tricks for ensuring that your market research runs a treat!

Welcome to our enchanted world of market research where we reveal five captivating tricks to ensure your research journey is nothing short of magical. Step into our spellbinding blog and discover the secrets to running your market research like a charm. Let’s embark on this mystical journey together!

Unveiling the Magic

  1. Always have clear objectives – Make sure you know what you wish to achieve from the research, be focused and clear as to its purpose. This will allow you to choose the correct approach to make sure your questions are answered. You don’t want ambiguous outcomes that will make your blood run cold!
  2. Use an accredited market research company – Just like you wouldn’t allow someone that hasn’t the proper accreditations to fix a gas cooker or fire in your home make sure that the research agency you are using is a member of the Market Research Society and even better an MRS Fair Data company with ISO27001 certification. This ensures that they are following the market research code of conduct and adhering to all the correct guidelines, reassuring you that your research results can be relied on and that all data is handled safely. No hocus pocus happening!
  3. Price isn’t everything… It is often tempting to choose the company that gives you the cheapest price but check what they are delivering. If there are huge differences in the prices that you have been quoted the chances are the companies are pricing different approaches/criteria. Check what you are receiving for your money, ask questions. Don’t be spooked!
  4. But only pay for what you need to! What skills do you have in-house? If you have experience of writing questionnaires or analysing results you could possibly use a fieldwork-only agency like Face Facts ? We concentrate on providing quality respondents and data, so no need to freak out, just have a fang-tastic time focusing on your findings.
  5. Communication, communication, communication. Make sure that once you are working with an agency that communication is clear. At Face Facts we pride ourselves on keeping our clients regularly updated. We’ll let you know what’s happening at each stage so you can be confident that we’ll deliver. Our experienced Accounts & Projects Team work their magic to ensure nothing goes bump in the night.

Unlock the true potential of your market research with these five enchanting tricks. Embrace clear objectives, select accredited partners, prioritise value over allure, harness your in-house skills, and communicate openly. Bid farewell to mysterious charms; these tricks will guarantee a research journey that’s nothing short of magical!

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