5 tricks for ensuring that your market research runs a treat!

Welcome to our enchanted world of market research where we reveal five captivating tricks to ensure your research journey is nothing short of magical. Step into our spellbinding blog and discover the secrets to running your market research like a charm. Let’s embark on this mystical journey together! Unveiling the Magic Always have clear objectives […]

Elevating Excellence: A Closer Look at the MRS Operations Awards

In the ever-evolving world of market research, excellence isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. It’s about setting standards, pushing boundaries, and continually striving for better. For a decade now, the MRS (Market Research Society) Operations Awards (Oppies) have been a beacon of recognition, celebrating those who not only meet but exceed these high standards in […]

Face Facts’ Ode to Fieldwork Excellence

In a bustling Leeds office, morning light unfurls, Where research projects dance, like precious pearls, A fieldwork agency, awake and alive, Embarking on a journey, where data will thrive. The office beckons, a hive of activity, As teams collaborate, fuelled by productivity, Surveys are designed and questions refined, Data collection methods, all carefully aligned. With […]

Unlocking the Power of Data Quality: Elevate Your Market Insights

The foundations of Market Research are built on high-quality data underpinning the pillars of informed decision-making and actionable insights. At Face Facts Research we strive to continuously improve the data sent to clients and are committed to delivering accurate and valuable information. On an ongoing basis we observe the techniques used by fraudulent respondents and […]

Why Companies Should Use a Market Research Agency


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape companies face numerous challenges in understanding consumer preferences, market trends, and competition dynamics. Making well-informed decisions is crucial for sustained growth and success. Market research plays a pivotal role in providing valuable insights that can guide businesses to make strategic choices. While some companies attempt to conduct research in-house, […]

The Importance of Quality Respondents for Qualitative Research

Recruiting quality respondents is crucial for market research group discussions as it directly impacts the reliability and validity of the research findings. Here are some key reasons why recruiting quality respondents is important to the industry and Face Facts: In summary, recruiting quality respondents for market research group discussions is vital for obtaining reliable, accurate, […]

Unveiling Hidden Market Opportunities

How Face Facts Research Helps Businesses Discover Untapped Potential In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, identifying market opportunities is crucial for sustainable growth and success. As markets become increasingly competitive, businesses must stay ahead by uncovering hidden opportunities that can drive innovation, customer acquisition and revenue generation. Face Facts Research prides itself on being the […]

Why market research is so valuable…

Companies spend vast amounts of time, money and effort on market research and with good reason. Research takes the guesswork out of decision making, it can establish whether an offering is appealing to a target audience, it informs product development), pricing, placement and much, much more!  As expert market researchers, we understand the importance of […]

The A-Z of Market Research (G & H)

Our market research dictionary cont’d >>> Discover G onward to understand industry-specific language and terminology and the range of Face Facts Research services…