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“It’s not only the excellent recruitment that Face Facts provide, it is also the help and support too that goes hand in hand with any fieldwork project which is equally important. If you have any questions or queries, they are always available to help which is both refreshing and a comfort these days. Face Facts have a genuine desire to help your project turn out successfully and that, more than anything, is a standout for me in this area of a research project.”

Samantha Hughes, Piki People

“We worked with the team at Face Facts for a mixed qual/quant job and they could not have been more helpful. Where there was complexity, they helped to break it down. They were excellent at quickly answering questions for us and our client. We really looking forward to working together with Face Facts again on future projects.”

Highly recommend.

Patrick Olszowski, MD, Outrageous Impact

“Working with Face Facts was a real pleasure. They were able to deliver to the very tight timelines demanded by our project and were always really responsive. When any issues did arise, they were also really helpful in offering solutions and going above and beyond to deliver them.”

Claire Gordon, Social Life

“We love working with FaceFacts. We see them less as a supplier and more as an extension of our team. They know what we need and have extensive experience in making projects run smoothly and easily. Whenever a new brief comes in, FaceFacts are top of mind to work with.”

Gideon Wilkins, McCann Birmingham

“Face Facts has been our preferred partner for handling of all things fieldwork since we first started working with them three years ago. We have been consistently impressed by their responsiveness – from the point at which they take our brief through to running and delivery of follow ups – and truly think of them as a partner rather than a supplier. Consistently delivering on reliability, attention to detail and cost-effectiveness, we would not hesitate recommending them (even if we’d prefer to keep them to ourselves)”

Rachel Marks, The Source

“A breath of fresh air – Face Facts are a bright and intelligent partner agency who anticipate and help overcome challenges in getting tricky research projects to happen. ‘Can do’ may sound like a cliché, but Face Facts have impressed on numerous occasions in finding a way to get the job done where others wave the white flag. Working with them always feels like it makes your life simpler rather than being an extra burden. With a talented and friendly team, what’s not to like?”

Ben Potts, Blue Marble

“As a specialist agency with a strong reputation in the kids, youth and family market to uphold, we place great demands and have high expectations of our support services.  Face Facts, as one of our key fieldwork suppliers, have not let us down in offering the highest quality service.  We can rely on them to be responsive, offer really useful advice throughout the whole project process based on a wealth of experience and provide quality results.  Face Facts are a pivotal part of our business and a great team to work with.”

Jo Cliff, Platypus

“Face Facts are frequently our ‘go-to’ fieldwork provider, as we know that we can rely on them to deliver accurate and on-spec audiences for our high profile research clients. In particular, they have been able to successfully identify and recruit hard-to-reach respondents in some of the most remote locations around the UK. They are always thorough, responsive and amenable, to the extent that they often feel like an extension of our own team. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

James Bryson, MTM