Case Study – Qualitative Recruitment Survey

The Challenge

We were approached by a top agency to help them conduct a qualitative study as part of a strategic brand health check. They wanted to understand their brand perceptions from the perspective of current, lapsed and potential users.

The Solution

To gather a comprehensive understanding of people’s perceptions we recruited respondents to attend  8 focus group discussions, 42 teledepths and a 7 day online forum. In total we recruited 216 respondents from both lists (provided) and free-find across the UK. There were tight quotas to meet on age, gender, job role, company size, industry and customer type to ensure perceptions were captured from a broad selection of respondents. 

It was vital to strongly mange our recruiters on this project to ensure the quotas were met but also to make sure our list recruiters remained resilient despite sometimes facing challenging databases. 

The Outcome

The client was able to present a coherent view of brand perceptions and we have continued to work with them on numerous projects