Case Study – In-Home Product placement

The Challenge

Our client wanted to gather ‘in the moment’ feedback on their range of cleaning products, specifically trigger cleaners and to benchmark their products against the market leaders.

The Solution

In order to collect in the moment feedback we ran a home usage test. Each respondent tested 8 products throughout an 8 week period. One product was tested each week. Products were placed every 2 weeks at the start of the week. All products were unbranded. Respondents had to feedback weekly via a self-completion questionnaire that was emailed to them at the end of each week. Throughout testing we asked respondents to keep a paper cleaning diary to allow them to note down their opinions at the time. We needed to ensure we had a robust final base that was nationwide. We therefore recruited 325 respondents to ensure 250 completed the full 8 weeks in 27 different locations. 

The Outcome

After 8 weeks of testing we completed with 285 respondents who thoroughly enjoyed the trial and the client was able to gather insightful information. 

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