Case Study – CLT Food Tasting

The Challenge

A food & drink client wanted to test their new menu for the following season.  Internal Chefs design the new improved menu’s which are tested internally.  The client wanted to introduce a further stage of testing the proposed dishes and potential variants amongst customers prior to implementation.

The Solution

Customers were pre-recruited to attend a tasting session at the clients testing centre or pub around the country and face to face interviewing was undertaken to test each variation of the current versus new improved dishes & potential new additions to the menu.
Interviews were conducted on iPads so we were able to easily and quickly adapt the questionnaire, introduce rotations, etc. as required for the specific dishes being tested.  Consecutive tasting sessions ran across the afternoon/evening with 24 respondents attending each session.  Ensuring each session ran to specific timings was paramount as all respondents needed to rate the dish prior to seeing it and then see/taste the dish at the same time.

The Outcome

The customer feedback was then taken on board and one final stage of internal testing was conducted prior to any amends being implemented.  This ensured any changes to the menu were both internally supported as well as being customer centric.

Please click here to see a demonstration of a typical tablet survey.