Case Study – In-Home Product placement

The Challenge Our client wanted to gather ‘in the moment’ feedback on their range of cleaning products, specifically trigger cleaners and to benchmark their products against the market leaders. The Solution In order to collect in the moment feedback we ran a home usage test. Each respondent tested 8 products throughout an 8 week period. […]

Case Study – Qualitative Recruitment

The Challenge We were asked by a top media brand to help them conduct a qualitative study into attitudes towards broadcasters. The intention of the project was to gather accurate data to understand the performance of specific channels and establish audience expectations. The Solution To gather the best results the sample structure was critical. In […]

Case Study – Qualitative Recruitment Survey

The Challenge We were approached by a top agency to help them conduct a qualitative study as part of a strategic brand health check. They wanted to understand their brand perceptions from the perspective of current, lapsed and potential users. The Solution To gather a comprehensive understanding of people’s perceptions we recruited respondents to attend […]

Case Study – Panel Recruitment/Mobile Survey

The Challenge One of the agencies we regularly work with wanted to investigate greetings card buying behaviour. The Solution As we wanted to gather real time responses at the point of purchase we set up a panel allowing respondents to log on to an appat any point over the 3 months it was running and […]

Case Study – Online

The Challenge The business identified a need to understand existing guest behaviour in their pubs and evaluate the degree to which the different features at each format may influence or change visit behaviour. The Solution Our client had a customer database of potential respondents so we adopted an online approach meaning that we could both […]

Case Study – Multimode

The Challenge Our client was helping a water provider gather feedback on their newly designed business vision for 2050. The Solution It was imperative to the end client that the needs of everyone could be considered and so to ensure we could gather responses from a diverse population a blended approach was required. We therefore […]

Case Study – Mobile Survey

The Challenge To understand how editorial/commercial content affects respondents’ behaviour in terms of conversations had, recommendations made and ultimately purchase behaviour. The Solution As we wanted to gather real time responses at the point of conversation we set up a panel of our clients subscribers. This involved a complex 7 step recruitment campaign as they […]

Case Study – Journey Mapping

The Challenge We were asked to help one of our clients capture in the moment feedback on home improvement projects conducted by DIYers /Professional trade people. The Solution As we wanted to capture real-time responses regarding DIY/Professional projects we set out to recruit respondents who were currently undertaking a project to complete the study via […]

Case Study – Hall Test Product Testing

The Challenge A fizzy drinks provider wanted to test different variations of their recipe to help them decide on future strategies. Refrigerated delivery and storage were required as well as targeting a large proportion of daily users which had a low IR. The Solution In order to reach the required profile of respondents we opted […]

Case Study – In Venue

The Challenge With the introduction of a number of newly refurbished pubs it was necessary to explore and understand the impact of the changes and the implementation of the new brand along all the guest touch points. The Solution Face-to-face interviewing was undertaken in selected pubs, a sample of those recently refurbished and also a […]