Case Study – Hall Test Product Testing

The Challenge

A fizzy drinks provider wanted to test different variations of their recipe to help them decide on future strategies. Refrigerated delivery and storage were required as well as targeting a large proportion of daily users which had a low IR.

The Solution

In order to reach the required profile of respondents we opted for a mix of pre recruitment and pull off street (to keep costs down).

Our client provided the online survey script as this was being tested internationally and therefore we needed to use laptops and hire venues with a strong Wi-Fi connections boosted by a number of back up connections which we facilitated to ensure connectivity never failed. 

Due to the volumes requested we needed to utilise our interviewer network to conduct 70 central location tests across the UK.

The Outcome

The client attended the CLTs and was extremely impressed with the meticulous planning and running of the halls, and the findings have proved invaluable.