Case Study – Qualitative Recruitment

The Challenge

We were asked by a top media brand to help them conduct a qualitative study into attitudes towards broadcasters. The intention of the project was to gather accurate data to understand the performance of specific channels and establish audience expectations.

The Solution

To gather the best results the sample structure was critical. In total 16 groups were conducted in the UK, in urban and rural locations. Altogether we recruited 120 respondents for this project. There was a mix of gender, social grade, ethnicity and age, (from 16 to 75), plus also targets in terms of heavy or lighter viewers of the channels in question. 

Face Facts used a pre-group qual recruitment process. Respondents completed personal online blog entries around the question of what matters most from TV channels today – allowing them to define what matters in an open uninfluenced way. They also completed a real world viewing consumption diary, therefore grounding the research in an understanding of respondents’ actual behaviour.
Respondents then took part in 2-hour workshops.

The Outcome

The client was able to produce an in-depth review of the TV landscape today and has since worked with Face Facts on a regular basis.