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It’s election day!

If you’re an MRS member in whatever form, you’ll have just received your voting form for the MRS council election. In fact, you’ve probably already voted – and of course you voted for me… you must have! Ok maybe it’s not such a sure thing, the other 7 candidates (vying for four spaces on the Council) are all great and I’m proud to be running alongside them.

Alison White - Face Facts Research MD

Those of you who know me will know that I’m very passionate about Research; in fact you’ll know I’m a passionate person in general. And passion being what it is, often leads to bold action. I already started a Quantitative Fieldwork agency (this one) in a Recession; and hopefully you’ll have been involved in The Research Mafia at some point, whether at one of our events/conferences or via our ever growing LinkedIn group.

But if you don’t already know me: why vote Alison?

Well, I love this industry. I’ve been part of it for 12 years since starting my own company while at Uni; and for the last few years I’ve decided to stand up and be counted. Wherever I can I’ve been pushing collaboration, and championing the industry. So with the MRS Council it’s great to have the chance to take it all one step further.

This industry has been all about innovation for the last god knows how long. That’s all well and good – we have to move forward as an industry – but how should we do that and who should lead? Well, leaders will always rise to the surface, but I believe it is the duty of the MRS to ensure that we can all of us drive this change. The most meaningful change in any culture, any organisation comes from the bottom up as well as the top down – what does that mean? That means the MRS needs to look at how accessible it is to not just its members, but the industry it represents.

It’s not about revolution; this is much more about developing the MRS as a representative and meaningful organisation.

What else? Once we’ve started building a better industry – one built on a basis of harmony, with development stemming from figures and organisations of all sizes and statures – it’s time to start championing our new improved Research to those who seek to use us. There’s been a lot of negativity in 2012 outside of the industry (something particularly well embodied by our dear friend @angry_mr_client): articles have been published and captains of industry have questioned Research’s relevance and validity. Isn’t it time we addressed that?

The MRS has the perfect position to champion our industry: as part of my role, I’m keen to make sure we do exactly that – helping not just better the industry from within, but repair our image as seen by potential buyers, and reignite their interest in what can be a truly dynamic and fascinating industry.

I don’t profess to have all of the answers – but I do promise that I have the determination to start along the road of finding them!

Thank you!



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